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Rick - 30 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Rick is a director and co-owner of Aquarius. He will look after your project once the date has been set. He will sort out any technical details your design requires, keep you informed of the production process and arrange payment details and any aftersales requirements. Rick was a civil servant before starting in business with Graham and had travelled and run other smaller businesses before that. He has recently revisited the realms of academic study in order to ‘keep in shape’ completing an OU degree in physics in 2009. His other interests are summer and winter climbing and he dabbles in music and the arts.


Graham - 30 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Graham is a director and co-owner of Aquarius. He is probably the first person you will meet and looks after all aspects of the showroom and sales. Before starting the company 30 years ago with Co owner Rick, he worked in the electronics industry (pre-silicone chip!). He will help you through the whole process of design and quotation and hopefully scheduling of your installation. Graham is a keen gardener and enjoys photography and travel. As a co-founder of Aquarius he is jointly responsible for the company philosophy which puts customer satisfaction and a clear conscience above profit margins. This guarantees a good night’s sleep even if it has thus far eluded other more conventional ideas of wealth.

Andy - 22 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Andy is our multi skilled installer and now main surveyor, designer and estimater. It was clear from the start (straight from school) that he would waltz through his training and quickly become a highly skilled tradesman. He has now been with us for over 20 years and made the successful move to the showroom in the early noughties. Andy is the one you are most likely to meet in the early stages of buying an Aquarius bathroom. His cheerful and helpful disposition and his ability to turn a customer’s ideas into an impressive individual design is one of the corner stones of the Aquarius experience. Andy is a keen sportsman, musician and family man. 

Ian - 15 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Ian came to us straight from school as an apprentice. He completed his apprenticeship with excellent results and has now been with us for 15 years. He was trained from the start in the special skills needed to construct a complete modern bathroom. This includes all the technologies associated with walk in showers, high pressure systems, pumps and other specialist systems. Ian is qualified at NVQ level 3 for domestic electrical installations. 

Tony - 15 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Tony has been with us for sixteen years and had worked as a drainage engineer before that. His build and qualifications sadly put him first in line to work in confined spaces or at close quarters with the less popular aspects of plumbing waste products. Nevertheless he is a popular and highly respected member of the team and is allowed to carry out all the more pleasant tasks above ground. Tony is a family man who supports and helps coach the Goole youth football teams (Parkside Raiders) even though his own young footballers have now grown into senior players.

Dennis - 18 Years Service

Dennis is our building expert and joined us 18 years ago. He is a time served bricklayer by trade and has long since extended his repertoire and takes pole position whenever we need to build partitions or walls, or just sort out a room which may have suffered from unfortunate past experiences. Dennis knows the value of a spirit level and keeps the rest of the lads on their toes when critical fixing is needed. He enjoys working on his boats and travelling with his family in the local area. When asked if he wanted anything of interest on the website he replied "Milk and 2 sugars please"

Adam - 10 Years at Aquarius of Howden

Adam, a relative new acquisition,has now been with us for 10 years! He came to us from the motor trade but has retrained in house and specialises in general room building, product installation and tiling. His hobbies include mountain biking and snowboarding indicating a general leaning toward the ‘adrenaline’ sports. Adam is a skilled and trusted team member with a particular knack for good humour and cheerfulness even when the going gets tough.

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